Tai Chi Can Help Seniors Maintain an Exercise Routine

tai chi
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All retirees have different levels of fitness, and while one person may enjoy a sweat-inducing, tough workout, other seniors might fare better with much less strenuous exercise. That’s why practicing the ancient Chinese exercise of Tai Chi might be a good addition to seniors’ fitness routines.

The focus of Tai Chi is on balance, muscle definition, meditation, and breathing control. Participants in Tai Chi classes go through a series of specific movements, which include body, leg, and arm movements. Anyone who watches a Tai Chi class in action may see it as more of an art form, given how the moves flow together.

Since it promotes balance, it may also help with preventing falls in seniors.

Other Light Workouts Seniors Might Enjoy

Tai Chi is a great way to get exercise without exerting yourself. Other light fitness activities you might want to consider incorporating into your routine are yoga, stretching, or taking a nice, daily walk.

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