Are Active Seniors Who Enjoy Difficult Workouts Putting Themselves at Risk?

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In keeping up with a regular exercise routine, do you tend to take it a little easier because of your age? If you’d like to push yourself a little more but are worried about the risks, here’s some good news. A new study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that the intensity of exercise doesn’t have an effect on mortality rates for seniors.

In addition, the research found that cancer rates and cardiovascular issue rates for seniors who are already highly active are also not impacted by how hard they work out. So if you’re someone who likes to push the limits with HIIT workouts or CrossFit, just be careful and stop if need be – otherwise, more power to you!

Do Workouts That Work for You

The key takeaway here is that all seniors have different levels of fitness, and the intensity of your workouts might be the polar opposite of other people your age. That’s more than okay.

As long as you’re making it a point to move your body and lead an active lifestyle, it doesn’t matter whether you do tougher workouts, yoga, or even just take a daily walk. Do what works best for you, know your current limits, listen to your body, and stick with activities you enjoy!

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