Take a Walk Today!

A couple walking

If you’re able, take a walk today!

Walking is an easy and fun way to stay fit. American Seniors Communities writes that “experts have said that walking could be the best exercise for seniors.” According to ASC’s research, walking has a multitude of potential benefits including:

  • It can improve heart health
  • Even a short walk can “reduce the after-eating spike in blood sugar some seniors can experience”
  • “Studies have shown” that taking a walk can help reduced pain from ailments like arthritis
  • It’s free!
  • Walking is a great social activity. Bring you children or grandchildren and get everyone some exercise. You can have some great conversations while walking.
  • “A daily walk can help you feel more positive about life” because it exercise releases endorphins.

If you choose to take a walk, let us know how it goes in the comments below? Is this something you’d like to do more often?

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