The Game of Pickleball is Leading to an Increase in Senior Injuries

Image via Unsplash/Ben Hershey

For seniors looking for a way to stay fit and remain competitive, pickleball is growing in popularity. Unfortunately, according to the New York Post, pickleball is also leading to a rash of injuries among participants.

Pickleball is a cross between badminton and tennis, played with a paddle and special ball on a smaller court. It’s the fastest growing sport in America, up 39 percent in the past two years.

But with that growth, doctors and orthopedists are reporting an alarming rise in injuries among senior players. As people age, they face the prospect of weaker bones and ailments such as osteoporosis and arthritis. These conditions can be aggravated by playing too strenuously.

Among the injuries reported by doctors are fractures in the patella (kneecap), wrist, and elbow, along with strained calves and knee ligaments. General muscle sprains and tendonitis are common as well.

Proceed With Caution

Physicians caution pickleball participants to make sure they engage in dynamic stretching before playing and be sure to stay hydrated. They also warn against playing too long and overdoing it.

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