How Walking May Improve Brain Health and Memory

couple walking on a mountain
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Based on research from a study that was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, simply taking a brisk walk regularly may help improve brain health in seniors who have cognitive impairment.

Researchers examined older people who had some early signs of memory loss and found that brisk walking helped improve the blood flow in their brain. In addition, they scored higher on cognitive tests than they had prior to beginning walking for exercise.

Not All Exercise Has the Same Effect

The people who participated in the study were all non-active adults, ages 55 or older, and all showed mild cognitive difficulties. They were split into two groups. One group participated in the brisk walking program, and the other did stretching and toning exercises.

When both groups’ thinking and processing skills were tested after the experiment, individuals in the walking group scored higher.

While this research is interesting and offers even more incentive for seniors to stay active, brisk walking isn’t for everyone, and you should always exercise according to your own fitness level.

The important thing is to get moving, whether that be through walking, stretching, yoga, or any other exercise of your choice.

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