How Seniors Can Benefit From Doing Pilates

pilates equipment
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If you’re looking for a workout that will keep you lean, flexible, and limber, Pilates just might be a winning choice for you. Initially created by Joseph Pilates specifically for dancers, the Pilates method of exercise has grown in popularity over the years.

It’s a wonderful alternative to high-impact, cardio workouts, and there are a few reasons why Pilates is beneficial for seniors.

4 Reasons to Do Pilates

  • Body awareness
  • Breathing techniques
  • Core stability
  • Joint function

In addition to giving you a great workout, each Pilates movement is very controlled, which targets muscle groups that might not get used otherwise. It also increases flexibility and range of motion.

Since the exercises are also very centered around breathing, it’s almost like getting a meditation session incorporated with your workout, similar to yoga, which can reduce stress. Some good beginner Pilates moves include toe drops, roll-ups, and leg lifts.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine doesn’t have to be physically strenuous, and Pilates can be quite effective and enjoyable without making you break a big sweat! As always, before starting any new exercise program, consult your doctor if you have not been active for a while.

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