Study Finds Exercise Linked to Sense of Purpose

couple riding bikes
Image via GoDaddy

A study conducted by Harvard University and the University of Warwick has found a link between exercise and having a sense of purpose in life.

The research for the study was done on Americans over the age of 50. People who upped their physical activity over a course of four years report a greater sense of purpose than they had previously. In addition, people who were more positive about their future sense of purpose just so happened to be those who engaged in regular physical activity.  

Time to Get Moving!

No matter what your level of fitness is, if you can make getting regular exercise part of your routine, you may wind up feeling less stressed, more fulfilled, and much more content overall.

Daily activity doesn’t even have to feel like a workout. Riding your bike to the store, taking daily walks with your dog, or even setting aside some time in the morning to meditate and stretch will help get you in the habit of moving your body regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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