Exercise Helps Senior Women Maintain Physical Function

seniors exercising
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A study out of the University of Georgia has found a link between senior women who exercise and their ability to maintain strength and physical function as they get older.

Women between the ages of 65 and 80 were part of the study, and researchers examined the impact of following a regular exercise program combined with a high-protein nutrition plan, and the effect of both on physical function.

Participants were separated into groups based on diet and exercise, and the results found that while fat loss did not change between the women who ate a high-protein diet and those who did not, muscle strength improved in the women who exercised versus those who did not.

The Importance of Staying Active In Retirement

It’s no secret that muscle mass begins to decrease as we age. In addition to losing muscle mass, people over the age of 60 also experience a decline in muscle function and strength. This is why which is why it’s even more important to stay active and maintain an exercise regimen as a senior.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to join a gym or strain yourself with difficult workouts. Simply getting outside every day to walk the dog or take a stroll with a friend is enough to get you up and moving those muscles.

You’ll be doing your body a favor, all while enjoying the fresh air and nature at the same time.

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