4 Exercises Seniors Won’t Get Bored With

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It’s no secret that exercise is incredibly beneficial to people of all ages. It improves cardiovascular health, helps keep you flexible and limber, and it’s also been shown to have a positive effect on mental and emotional health as well.

That being said, sometimes, it’s tough to stick to a workout routine, especially if you’re someone who gets bored easily. A workout might be enjoyable for a month or two, but once the novelty wears off, it’s just too easy to skip being active in favor of relaxing with your feet up.

Boredom-Proof Exercises

Luckily, The Press has listed 4 exercises that are perfect for seniors who tend to get bored.

  • Water Aerobics — these are incredibly fun since you can do them with a group of friends in your community.
  • Resistance Band Workouts — resistance bands are easy to use at home, plus, you can squeeze in a few minutes here and there if you’re short on time.
  • Pilates — these workouts are wonderful for improving flexibility, plus, they’re non-strenuous and won’t have you breaking a sweat.
  • Strength Training Workouts — another easy workout to do at home, you can reap the benefits of strength training in just a few short workouts per week.

The key thing here is to find something you enjoy doing and that you look forward to getting out of bed for. Whatever that happens to be for you, we encourage you to get moving and stick to it!

What’s one workout you never tire of? We’d love to hear from you.

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