Couple at Senior Living Community Challenges Each Other to Pickleball Match

Image via Unsplash/Ben Hershey

It’s no secret that staying active and having fun go hand in hand, and one couple at a senior living community in Pennsylvania knows this all too well! Pedro is 91 and his wife Juanita is 85, and they recently challenged each other to a good old-fashioned pickleball match.

The video of the showdown was shared on TikTok by @foxrehab, and plenty of people are cheering these two on!


You’re never too old to have FUN! 🏓 Pedro (91 years young) and Juanita (85 years young), challenged each other to a pickleball match at their senior living community, Arbor Terrace Exton! #pickleball #pickleballislife #pickleballers #pickleballtournament #pickleballfun #pickleballchamps #seniorliving #seniorlivingcommunity #arborterrace #physicaltherapy #agingwell #aginginplace #occupationaltherapy #pickleballtiktok


Aren’t they so fun and inspiring? Something tells us there’s never a dull moment when these two are around.

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The key to sticking to any workout routine is to find something you enjoy and make a point to do it a few times a week. Whether it be taking daily walks, doing group fitness classes, or engaging in some friendly competition with pickleball, the possibilities are endless.

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