4 Exercises That Promote Weight Loss in Seniors

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Sticking to a regular fitness routine is beneficial for so many reasons. It improves cardiovascular health, increases flexibility, and it also has a positive effect on mental and emotional health as well.

Of course, plenty of people start a workout plan because they’re hoping to shed a few pounds, especially after indulging during the holiday season. And if losing weight is one of your fitness goals, there are some exercises that are more effective than others at taking off the pounds.

Exercises for Weight Loss

In an article for Eat This, Not That, trainer Tim Liu identifies 4 workouts that help seniors lose weight. Two are strength-based exercises while the others are cardio exercises.

  • Dumbell Front Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Air Exercise Bike
  • Incline Treadmill Walk

While each one of these exercises is effective on its own, you can reap the most benefits by putting them all together and alternating the routines on different days to mix things up. With time and a little consistency, you’ll be feeling lighter and leaner in no time.

What’s your go-to workout for weight loss? We’d love to hear from you.

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