Can Exercise Slow Down Brain Aging?

dance lessons
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Engaging in regular exercise as a senior can help keep you strong, flexible, and active. However, based on a study published in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, seniors who commit to an aerobic routine may slow down the aging of their brain and preserve memories.

Researchers studied a group of people over 60, with some seniors being sedentary in the group and others engaging in a dance class for 20 weeks. At the end of the study, they examined the brain activity of the participants, and not surprisingly, those who took the dance class had more active and youthful brain activity than those who did not exercise.

Other Ways Exercise Can Enhance Your Life

In addition to the many physical benefits of exercise, it can also help you feel better mentally, emotionally, and even socially. Especially if you’re someone who lives alone, getting outside to take a walk or a bike ride with a friend is a wonderful way to stay active while enjoying some companionship at the same time.

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