Benefits of Hiking for People of All Ages

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When it comes to exercise, hiking is the one activity that virtually anyone can do. It just comes down to matching the possible difficulty of the hike with your ability, The National Park Service encourages Americans of all ages to take advantage of the hiking opportunities available in their parks as well as state and local parks. It notes that hiking offers great physical exercise and ways to boost your mental health and build relationships.

Here are the benefits to be derived from going on a hike:

  1. Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air
  2. Listening to the sounds of nature
  3. Building stronger muscles and bones
  4. Improving your sense of balance
  5. Creating better cardiovascular health
  6. Developing improved respiratory function
  7. Reducing stress and anxiety
  8. Lowering your risk of depression
  9. Creating better bonds with family and friends
  10. Appreciating the freedom of being outdoors

Always Be Prepared

To get ready to hike, invest in a good pair of hiking boots or suitable sneakers, and dress appropriately for the weather. Take along a walking stick if you need a little support on trails. And be sure to plan your hike so you eliminate the risk of getting lost or going off-trail.

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